“Az Kerwin puts ‘everything he has into everything he does’ which is why Agro and I have used his considerable skills over many, many years now and, I might add, will continue to do so well into the future.
He has been a hefty contributor to to the successes throughout my career. I trusted him with the demo’s I was asked to submit to the Music Editors of the Twilight series of Movies in LA as I did with the multitudes of Agro projects we’ve done in the past.
He always had the great ideas for which I paid him and took all the credit (after all ‘that is the business!’).
I would be more than happy to talk to anyone thinking of using his talents, my mobile number is 0428 208226 call me any time from anywhere in the world. ” – Jamie (Agro) Dunn

“I’ve worked with Az in quite a few roles over the years. It started when my first band Melodyssey contacted Az to do some demos for our second record ‘The Two Windows’. He helped track most of the songs for the demos and even ended up tracking some final takes for the record. His honesty, ear for melody and rhythmical sensibilities helped us greatly from the conception of the album, through to the completion.
Az also hired me for multiple drum sessions on records that he was recording. These sessions were always enjoyable and Az always had a knack for pulling out great performances From all the players.
Az and I also worked together in covers bands throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I was always a massive fan of Az’s amazing guitar playing and pitch perfect husky voice (a combination of Rod Stewart and Eddie Van Halen!!). A great performer, top notch musician and an all round super nice guy- Az will be missed in the QLD music scene.
I hope Adelaide appreciates what it’s getting!!!!” – Luke Williams, Dead Letter Circus

“I have known Az Kerwin for approximately 20 years and in that time have had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions.
Az is very talented musician whom I have employed both as a session singer and guitarist. He is exceptional in both areas, and brings to any session not only a soulful and unique voice and great guitar skills, but all the heart and feel a producer could ever want.
He is humble, easy to work with and always open to suggestions. He also has ideas that I have always appreciated and often used, but only offers them when asked – an important trait for any session musician to understand and acquire. Then there are times when those ideas just happen as part of the performance, and they are gems that are happily captured.
Az is also continually looking to improve his skill set, and this is an attribute I admire in anyone. Being a producer myself, I haven’t interacted much with Az on that level, but having heard from other people he has worked with, feel certain that his level of expertise in this area is equally as good as the skills I have already mentioned.
Az is a professional – disciplined and dedicated to his craft. He’s also an all-round nice guy, and I support him in all his endeavours in life. If you’re looking for a singer, guitarist or producer who has the goods to bring a project to life, call him. He will deliver.” – Garry Smith, Director/Producer/Composer for Jamhouse Creative